Walk Sunday 16 September 2018 El Padul

This week our season of disaster walks continued.  We had no specific walk planned for Sunday due to a poor, constantly changing weather forecast. The idea was that we would meet in Cozvijar and plan something to fit in with the weather.  With rain due in the afternoon it was decided to walk from the garage to the laguna de Padul  The walk is all on hard, dry tracks, useful after all the rain we have had, and we could make detours to various bars if conditions deteriorated.    It was a beautiful morning as we made our way across to the Mamut interpretation centre near to Padul, it was closed. Fortunately for us the zoo was open and there was a friendly Mamut in the petting area, along with a Saber Tooth Tiger. From here we walked alongside of the laguna, past the whomping willow tree. Finding a nice shaded area we stopped for a mid morning snack then walked back across the flat lands to the site of the old Roman road. In Roman times, before the laguna was drained, this road would have …

Walk Sunday 26 August 2018 Elorrieta

Sunday was our big end of the month walk and we went to the refugio Elorrieta. The walk starts from the carpark at Hoya de la Mora and for a change it wasn’t windy.  There were 14 of us in the group, all looking forward to a day on the hills, walking above the snow line. Yes, even though the temperature is still nudging 40 degrees in Granada, up here you still need a fleece on, well some of us do and there still big patches of snow to cross.  For the first hour the walk passes above the ski station at Borreguiles, not my favourite part of the walk, but as soon as you get to the ridge by the radio telescopes you leave all the detritus behind you and move into the stunning scenery below the tajos de la Virgen. This is where we came across the first of the snow, not as much as the last time we were here a couple of months ago but enough to play in. The walk follows a good path as it climbs up on to the ridge and the refugio at Elorrieta, a stunning place. Reportedly in the past it was a T…

Walk Sunday 19 August 2018 Barranco de la Luna

This week our chill out walk was a short one, in the barranco de la Luna. Up until a few years ago this did not exist, well truth be known, it existed but no one knew about it. Now the whole world knows about it and they will be selling tickets soon to visit it. I was amazed at the number of people in our group (24) + 1 dog. The walk is in the most incredible barranco, at this time of the year the water in the river is not deep, just enough to ensure you get wet. By the time we were heading back to the cars there appeared to be thousands of people heading down to the river, I am glad we went early. I am pleased to report no one fell in the river, everyone except Tim and Helga’s dog enjoyed it. After the walk we stopped off at Los Nos for drinks.
We walked a bit and climbed a bit, but not much.

Walk Sunday 12 August 2018 Mulhacen

This week our walk was to the top of Mulhacen, the highest point on mainland Spain. After this everything else is insignificant, a mere pimple on the landscape.  As usual for the Mulhacen trip, we had an early start, 7 am from Beznar. I swear half the group were still asleep when we met up. The reason for the early start is that we had an 8.30 bus to catch from Capileira and there were tickets to pick up, besides the coffee and tostada to be had.  The bus takes you to the base of Mulhacen, from where it is an easy 7 km walk to the summit. Well that’s is what it used to do, it now stops 2km short, resulting in an extra 4 km of walking, so now you just have to walk a bit faster, to catch the 16.30 bus back down the hill. Full of enthusiasm we set off for the summit, the biggest advantage of the new starting point was that it got you used to the lack of oxygen in the air before you started on the ascent proper. The group split on the ascent, with some choosing the direct route and others …

Walk Sunday 5 August 2018 Rio Durcal

This week in an effort to keep cool we sought refuge in the Rio Durcal. It was the first time this year we had been up so I didn’t know what to expect after all the rain we had in the winter. I am pleased to report that some of the boulders have moved, but to a better location and, in general the conditions underfoot were good and the rocks were stable.  We had met up in Durcal at 09.00 and driven down to the start of the walk. Our group were the first to arrive, so we had the choice of where to park, a far cry from when we returned and every available space and picnic table were taken.  I have never seen so much water in the acequia, it was overflowing and bursting its bank in places. The first waterfall you come to was impressive, with a high volume of water cascading down. It was still early and there were no takers in our group to take a cooling dip. I think they were saving themselves for later.  The walk up was very pleasant, the water temperature was refreshing and of course …

Picnic Bermejales 29 July 2018

This week some of us decided to take things easy and go on a picnic. Others in the group, who wanted a bit of exercise,  went for a swim.  Dave and Julie had entered into an open water swimming competition on the pantano at Bermejales. It looked an easy level course and at only 1.5 km, I feel sure we could all have done it, if it had been spread out, over a few days. We were there as support and cheerleaders for team GB.    All our hard work paid off with Julie romping home to gold and Dave coming first in the old gits class.  Not only did Julie win a superb gold cup, which I feel sure will have pride of place in her display cabinet, she won a selection box of fruit and wine.  After all the excitement we nearly forgot what we had gone for, so, finding a nice shady spot under the trees we held our annual picnic.  Well done to Julie and Dave,  you made a great picnic into a brilliant day out.  
We walked 0.2 km and climbed 10 metres

Walk Sunday 22 July 2018 Veleta

This week, in an effort to cool down, we went for a walk to pico de Veleta, at 3394 metres it is the second highest peak in the Sierra Nevada. After taking a detour through Pradollano, because the road was closed due to a road race, we arrived at Hoya de la Mora and a reserved car parking space, thank you Fernando.  There are a number of options available for tackling the summit.  The easiest way is to catch the bus or the telecabina, both of which are far too easy.  A track up the San Juan valley, discounted due to excess snow.  Following the road, the easiest way but it can get a bit monotonous.  A direct path which intersects with the road a number of times, preferred option, but I     was planning on coming back this way anyway.  In the end we took a mixture of the last 2, On the easier cross country bits we took to the footpath, the rest we did on the road until we got over 3000 metres, where, due to a lack of oxygen, we stuck to the road and we were rewarded for our feeble …