Walk Sunday 4 November 2018 Nerja

This week with snow on the Sierras we decided to go down to Nerja for our walk, at least it would be warm down there. I left home in long trousers, fleece and a jacket. One hour later, at the start of the walk from the caves, I was down to shorts and a T-shirt, don’t worry I had not thrown caution to the wind, they were all in my rucksack along with another 2 coats.  The route was a circular one setting off from the caves and the idea was that we could do an easy and a harder walk, with the easy walkers walking with us for the first half of the route and then making their way back along a 4X4 track, whilst the harder walk went up a hill. Trying to keep track as to who, and how many there were in the group was impossible, even Einstein would have had trouble keeping up with all the comings and goings. For the first 1km, the track follows a 4X4 road to the picnic site, it then drops down into a superb barranco which fortunately, even after all the rain, was still dry. There are a number o…

Walk Sunday 28 October 2018 Lanjaron

Our unseasonable weather continues, we have had more rain, with snow on the Sierras. The forecast for Sunday was for cloud and a cold northerly wind. There is only one place to go with a wind like that, Lanjaron. We had two walks arranged this week The longer, end of the month walk and a shorter one with Hilary.  Both walks started together from the Repsol garage in Lanjaron, and I was amazed at the number of people who had turned out, 30 on the last count. We got moving pretty quickly in case any more turned up. The walk climbs up the hillside behind Lanjaron and then along an acequia to a picnic site where we stopped for elevenses and the group photo. Unfortunately, by this point, we had lost two of the group. It was their first walk with us and the hills were too much for them. Setting off again we soon picked up another acequia running back towards Lanjaron. This was an absolute delight, the Chestnut trees were loaded with fruit and there were some superb looking mushrooms which Jan…

Walk Sunday 21 October 2018 Santa Fe

Hi Spain has had some horrific storms in the last week, fortunately, Granada escaped the worst of it, only suffering from heavy rain and cool temperatures which brought snow to the Sierras.  To avoid walking on muddy footpaths our walk on Sunday was mostly on hard 4X4 tracks. The walk started just outside Santa Fe on the La Malaha road. It was a circular walk taking in the thermal baths, calling it a bath is stretching the definition of a bath to the limit, a thermal pond is nearer the mark, but even that is doing a disservice to ponds.  The walk starts off amongst Olive groves and climbs gently up to a picnic area in a pine forest where we stopped for elevensies.  With an eye out for the future, we took a level wheelchair accessible path through the forest to a lookout with distant views over to Moclin. Will the younger members make a note of this, one day we may require taking out and you will be abe to push our wheelchairs along the track.  After walking 6 km on good tracks we arriv…

Walk Sunday 7 October 2018 Talara

With Stuart still convalescing (well that's what he tells us and I’m sure there is no
truth in the rumour flying around that he just wants another week of being
pampered by Olwyn) I was again leading the walk. Our walk started at the crossroads in Talera where after several recounts we decided
there was 27 or maybe 28 of us. This is always a good number as you can afford
to lose a few on the route (a little more about that later). Stuart, I think maybe
we need a new protocol of a roll call to ensure we have an accurate headcount.  
With so many people milling around early on Sunday morning I thought we had
better get moving before the Guardia were called for causing a civil
disturbance. We set off walking down the main shopping street of Talera (That's about six shops)
and through the tunnel taking us under the motorway. Soon we walking along a

Walk Sunday 30 September 2018 Albuñuelas

Thank you Brenda for the photo, I shall be having words with you later. Hello,
This week I was handed the responsibility of leading the group around Albuñuelas
while Stuart stayed at home with his feet up being served endless cups of tea
and cake from Olwyn. Well it didn’t take long for some to think we were lost before we had even left the pueblo, what they hadn’t realised it was all a part of the grand plan to have a
tour of the streets of  Albuñuelas.
After being put on the right route out we steadily climbed the winding path out
of the village with great views back across the gorge to the village and beyond
to the Sierra Nevada. I had the route but also having our two locals, Michelle and Diane on the walk
what could possibly go wrong?  Nothing, I just thought we would climb a little
further up the steep path, passing the narrow path that turned off our main
track to take in the views from a little higher up.  Returning back down to pick
up our path, we then walked along pleasant tra…

Walk Sunday 23 September 2018 Granada

This week we hit the tourist trail for a walk around Granada with our guide Rafa. I must say he was very professional with his umbrella, and he knew the route and where we were going, not like the usual guy. We met up with Rafa at the Puente del salón and walked up to admire the work of the graffiti artist “ El niño de las pinturas”, superb. The highlight of the walk came early on, Rafa had arranged a visit for us to a practice session of the Granada youth orchestra, incredible. The walk continued on unknown roads and alleyways until we arrived in Sacromonte where we stopped for refreshment at a cave bar. It was closed when we arrived and he was a bit reluctant to open until we explained there were 22 of us. The walk carried on through the Albaicin but, with time pressing as we had tapa arranged and people to meet, we couldn’t linger. Some in the group tried very hard to get lost but Rafa would always find them. After the walk, we went to Rafa’s for tapas. It was a fun day out and our g…

Walk Sunday 16 September 2018 El Padul

This week our season of disaster walks continued.  We had no specific walk planned for Sunday due to a poor, constantly changing weather forecast. The idea was that we would meet in Cozvijar and plan something to fit in with the weather.  With rain due in the afternoon it was decided to walk from the garage to the laguna de Padul  The walk is all on hard, dry tracks, useful after all the rain we have had, and we could make detours to various bars if conditions deteriorated.    It was a beautiful morning as we made our way across to the Mamut interpretation centre near to Padul, it was closed. Fortunately for us the zoo was open and there was a friendly Mamut in the petting area, along with a Saber Tooth Tiger. From here we walked alongside of the laguna, past the whomping willow tree. Finding a nice shaded area we stopped for a mid morning snack then walked back across the flat lands to the site of the old Roman road. In Roman times, before the laguna was drained, this road would have …